How the h*ck can I…

Make Money
With Property?

You may have seen people make six-figure profits in the news with their properties.

Is it still possible today?

Many people are unsure about their property.

But with a proven capital appreciation strategy and highly detailed calculations, you may potentially:

  1. Increase your property value by six-figures
    ($100,000 per year)

  2. Upgrade to more luxurious properties
    (and own 2 or more private properties)

    + enjoy up to an additional $200k in reserve funds.

How is it done?

As a homeowner, you may be concerned about:

  • Risking your money in today’s market conditions.
  • Financing the monthly instalments for your property.
  • Whether it’s worth to pay the 25% down payment.

We worry, too.

And we can help.

  • Upgrade to a new private property
    Without compromising your lifestyle.
  • Grow your wealth
    By turning 1 property into 2.
  • Reduce overall expenses
    And gain up To $300K in spare funds.
  • Achieve an earlier retirement
    By using profits from your properties.

We believe that every home should be a profitable asset, and we're excited to show you how.

Most importantly, we’re kiasu (careful & detailed) about ALWAYS making the most profitable property choice for you!

Here's How It Works:


Step-By-Step Property Growth Plan

Done-for-you planning for your specific goals, with the latest market trends and reports to help you make six-figure gains.

Detailed Financial Calculations

Gain 100% overview and control of the finances and expected future appreciation gains.

CPF Maximization Strategies

Understand important CPF insights so that you can reduce costs and increase earnings.

Reserve Funds Of Up To $300,000

Build backup funds that can last for years of instalments and living expenses.

Multiply Your Assets

Discover how you can own 2+ real estate assets without compromising or cutting down on your current spending habits or lifestyle!

How Does All This Help You?


Six-Figure Profits


Zero/Low Cash Strategies


High Appreciation


Property Income


We're Kiasu Property.

We created this page to show you that you absolutely can make money with your home – you just need to treat it like an investment from day one.

Usually, we only think of a house as a place to settle down with our family, and maybe in the future we can sell it at a higher price.


The problem with this thinking is it lacks one major component: capital appreciation.

If a home isn’t treated as a real investment from day one, earnings is an airy-fairy thing, the owner has no clear direction, and many times, no money is made.

That’s why we flipped things around and started treating our homes like investments from day one.

Together with many seasoned investors, we took what we learned in the financial world and treated our property like investors.

We went from confused homeowners to invested stakeholders.

We stopped settling and started profiting.

And today, we would like to help you maximise your property appreciation.